Frequently Asked Questions


How long are your lease agreements?

We are looking for 12 month agreements but open to different time frames depending on the time of year.

Do the rentals have central air?

Only the single family home in Rocky River has Central Air but window units are used in most units.

What utilities are paid for by the landlord?

All multifamily homes have water/sewer included in the monthly rent.  Tenants are responsible for gas, electric and cable. 

Who cuts the grass?

We have professional grass service every 2 weeks.

Any snow removal?

We do not do snow removal of any kind.

Do you allow pets?

Pets are at the discretion of the landlord.  We do have many tenants with pets.  Depending on the age of the flooring, the number of animals, age of animals and/or bread.  Currently, the pets are $25 per animal per month.  No fish tanks of any kind.  Sorry Dora! :) 

Is there an application fee?

We do not currently have an application fee.